Thank you to all who participated and contributed

17-18 August 2018 - BACK TO BASIC

Welcome to the 12th Annual international AA convention in Aarhus - Denmark
Address: Sankt Johannes Alle 4 8000 Aarhus

BACK TO BASIC - Program 
18.00 Door open
18.30 Welcome
18.45 History of AA
20.00 The illness of alcoholism
21.00 Speak Terry

09.30 Doors open
10.00 Welcome
10.05 History of AA - What do we need for success
11.00 History of AA - Troubles and challenges
12.00 Social activity - Together we are strong
12.15 Al-anon / Alateen
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Step 1-2-3 The foundation for recovery
16.00 Al-anon / Alateen Speak
17.45 Countdown
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Sponsorship - pass it on
20.30 AA Speak Paula

Buy tickets for breakfast and
dinner at the info stand at the convention.

The convention is paid for last year by contribution to the 7 tradition

AA: Terry and Paula - USA
Alateen / Alanon: Lisa

Open for all
fellowships DAA, NA,
AL Anon… And people
you know

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